The New Year Begins

A quick peek at the year behind and ahead!

Jon Sanchez

1/14/20233 min read

Well, Goodbye 2022, and Hello 2023!

Arguably one of the hardest years yet for many of us personally, and certainly as a business and an event's center in a post-Covid era. We survived every wrench, kick, spitball and hurdle thrown at us, and we're still here throwing great parties, hosting real benefits to help real people where the community can see the impact (and be a part of it), and we're still supporting local music, comedians and other artists every single week, staying true to our roots.

Looking forward to 2023, we have so much in store! Jenn has been hard at work and already booked out great shows through Summer. We're brining you some new original artists from many genres and brining back old familiar tributes and cover bands that you demand! Jon's been working hard on taming the technology challenges with ticketing platforms, websites and the ever changing rules of Facebook/Meta - all in hopes that it gets easier for you to find the events that you love, and for artists to get their shows promoted as best we can! Keeping in touch with you is important to us, so we're improving our ability to stay in touch however we can!

We've introduced FOOD! That's right! on most of our show nights now you will find what will be an initially simple lineup of smoked BBQ -- think Pulled Pork, Brisket, etc -- and sides. We hope that you love it as much as we do (please don't let us east this all ourselves!) and keep it on the menu! Give us your feedback on how to improve it. We're excited to offer some new food options to Johnstown -- ESPECIALLY REAL SMOKE BBQ options! We have some other new surprises in store, but we don't want to spook the competition just yet. Make sure you come in and get a BBQ Pork Sandwich while supplies last -- When they are gone they are gone till the next round is done! Follow your nose to the Smoke!

You Wanted Top Shelf -- You'll get it! While we LOVE LOVE LOVE our local distillers and the products they produce (Shout out to Mystic Mountain Distillery!) and we love introducing those products to our guests, they frequently request some of the old favorites that people simply ask for by name. As you may have noticed leading into 2023, we have been slowly adding top names to our top shelf lineup, including names like Jamesons, Crown Royal, Captain Morgan, Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Milagro, Don Julio and we're adding more frequently based on your feedback. If you have a special request, don't be afraid to tell our bartenders! The more feedback we get from you, the better we can serve you!

Festivals are afoot at Spirits! We have been working with artists, producers, sponsors and interested supporters in doing more Festival styled events which include 4 or more artists. The summer approaches, and with it, bigger, longer parties! We don't want to force you to drive 60+ miles in traffic just to have a great time! Keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of festivals supporting rock, blues and hip hop! If there's something you want to see, Let us know!

If your business is interested in Sponsoring any events, please get in touch with us! We would love to offer you digital and print advertising, shout-outs, free tickets for giveaways and so much more for helping to support our events and keeping local music free and available to everyone!

As we kick off the year we want to thank you all for your support of our local business, run by your community members and neighbors. Your help in allowing us to survive this harsh period has been a blessing. Without you, we couldn't do what we do, and there would be one less place to have fun and experience new things in North Colorado. Thank you, from all of us, for letting us be a part of your family. With your support, we will rock into 2023 swinging for the stars!

- Jon & the Rest of the Spirits Staff!