Book 'em Ozzy!!

Lets introduce you to our new Booking Contact for Spirits Music Hall: Jen Ozzy!

Spirits Music Hall

5/11/20223 min read

Sooooo still changin' stuff, huh?

Yep - We realize that things have been-a-changin' over at that "place at the corner of Parish and Charlotte in Johnstown," -- it's all a big part of our relaunch and rebranding that we've started in April to refocus our place into a welcoming venue for everyone offering that small, taverny-vibe with great big concert sound with incredible live events you want to see. Indeed, the signs have changed, (some) people have changed, prices have changed (come check out our new drink prices!), and probably a whole slew of other things that you may or may not have noticed. For example, behind the scenes, putting on a show for you fine folks takes a lot of work and effort in locating great talent, booking them, coordinating the event and making sure it all goes off without a hitch (at least none that you'll see!) while making sure that everyone goes home happy. We've been giving that whole process a facelift, too. While I'm sure we're going to annoy someone with all of the change, we promise it's going to be worth it - and we certainly wont forget you bands and artists who have stuck with us through the thick of it and worked with us to improve! We appreciate you more than words can say!

We haven't been ignoring you bands, our close partners, in our improvement plans! in fact, As a part of those back end changes, we've picked up some new talent to help us focus on bringing you great music and booking great acts at Spirits Music Hall! Chances are, if you party in the Northern Colorado music scene, you already know her, hell, you've probably rubbed shoulders in the pit together if not been in one of her group selfies, so she's probably not going to need much in the way of introduction. But it wouldn't be right to just sneak her in the back door without giving her the introduction she deserves!!

Book 'em, Ozzy!

Ladies and Gentlemen -- Please join us in welcoming Jen Ozzy to Team Spirits!! Jen is going to be a primary contact for booking public events with Spirits going forward, and we think everyone is going to appreciate the care and zest she brings to the scene! Jen is an active part of the Northern Colorado community and well known by fans and bands alike and you can find her tapping toes or throwing horns up at stages across the region. With her breadth of taste in music, from classic rock to modern metal, we cant wait to see what she's going to bring to our stage!

Jen enjoys long walks in the dark, chopping the air with her devil horns at the rail, and generally being metal AF. (she didn't really provide that blurb, but we're not gonna say its NOT true)

You can reach out to set up a new booking and to send EPK materials to! Jen would love to hear from you!

What kinds of events can we expect, now?

Well, we're a live events venue, so the majority of the events that you can expect will be performed live! As to what genre's or types of events, much of the same stuff you've come to know and love from this corner of our street, but also it will range from live music, such as original bands, singer-songwriters, cover bands, tribute bands and more covering several genres, such as classic rock, country, alternative, metal, blue, jazz, funk, etc. We will even have the occasional non-music event, such as comedy shows and even the odd live wresting match! And we're listening to you, Johnstown! Let us know what you want us to bring to you, and we're going to do our best to get it to you!

...And we also do private events!

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you want to book our space for a private event! If we dont already have an event booked for that period, we'd be happy to host you in our space! Space bookings options can include a bartender with a custom drink menu, use of our PA and audio entertainment, our 14-foot projector, a private room at the event for dressing, private meetings, private karaoke and much more!

contact us at and inquire!



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