Spirits Band Call

Spirits Band Call
Details for the Spirits Band Call!

Spirits Band Call – Details

Welcome! You’ve come to learn more about getting in on the Spirits Band Call – a community based casting call for bands to play on our stage!

While we have an incredible talent buyer, we have had a lot of fun letting the public help introduce new bands to us and picking what they want! So we let you (the community) nominate bands to fill an open date via a social media poll.

How It Works

We post a poll and promote in on our social media. The community adds and votes on the bands they want to see, and we work to get the winner(s) in on that date! There are some conditions that well cover. That’s it. We let the community help choose! The following applies to general bookings as well!


Spirits Booking staff will review and moderate the Band Call poll. Once voting has ended, we will review the winning submissions and contact the top bands to gauge eligibility. If conditions are met, we’ll book the top voted band that meet the conditions of booking the date! We don’t take bribes, you cant pay to get a higher ranking…. This is all about social networking and public demand. Your best bet is to share the poll and get everyone you know to vote! While you’re at it, make sure they know to come and support you when you win!


Band submitted to the Band Call must be available and willing to perform (duh), and accept the terms to perform at Spirits. Artists must also be willing to commit to the date and show up at the agreed sound check time (usually 4pm). We do not have exclusivity demands, but expect that bands do not undermine their own show. While we will review out of state submissions, we generally will not cover travel expenses unless agreed as a part of the booking process well in advance.


Payment for a gig largely depends on the date, the day of the week, the band(s) and other show details, but generally speaking it ranges from a guarantee of $200 or more on a free weekday show to 70% of the door for a ticketed weekend show (80% if we sell 80+ of the tickets) and even up to 100% of the door when you sell paper tickets. We offer a very wide range of options so that we can be flexible for every band or artist type!

WE DO NOT SUPPORT PAY TO PLAY and will not require any artists to pay a fee to play on our stage for shows that are produced by Spirits Entertainment.

Travel is generally not reimbursed, but may be discussed for the right project. we do bring in out of state bands from time to time, but conditions need to be right. We’ll negotiate travel and payment terms with the winning band at the time of actual booking.


As with any show, we will promote you! Online, in print, on radio, social media etc. We run google and meta ads as well. In return, our expectation is that you do your part as the performing artist to promote the show as well. We feel it’s a team effort to fill the floor, and a win win for everyone, bands, fans and the venue, when we build a fun party!

We will do artwork for the show — we request that bands provide a clean logo at minimum, but also providing other content such as clean video and audio will produce great promotional material!

What we Provide:

As your partner in putting on a show, we can provide everything you need except your instruments and amps and you’re free to bring your own mic’s and gear as well.

We provide full event services, including:

  • Professional PA: Mains: JBL | Subs: JBL | Stage Monitors: TurboSound and JBL
  • Professional Sound: Based on the Midas M32 sound board
  • Vocal and Drum mics
  • Professional Lighting
  • Smoke/Fog
  • Door/Security
  • Box Office/Ticketing
  • Stage Support / cables


We communicate via email, phone and messenger (via Facebook). questions should be directed first to bo*****@sp**************.com or our FB Page via messenger.

Now go submit your bands! Lets Go!

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