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8 Elements for creating an effective EPK

As a band, you want to make a strong impression on anyone who comes across your music, whether it’s a venue booker, radio station, or music blogger. One of the most effective tools for this is an electronic press kit (EPK). An EPK is essentially a digital resume for your band, and it should contain all the relevant information that people need to know about your music and career. This is what you send to record labels, radio stations and venues, like Spirits Music Hall, to get them interested int you!

An example EPK
An example EPK by Fiverr producer: umermumtaz1

Surprisingly, very few emerging and even established local bands use them, or do not use them effectively to benefit them. Sometimes its not knowing the power of an EPK, sometimes you may not have the skills, if so, consider a service like a Fiverr Gig which can do this for you. Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to improve your toolkit, here are some key elements to include in your EPK:

8 elements to include in your EPK

  1. Bio: Your band bio is a critical part of your EPK, as it provides a snapshot of who you are and what you’re all about. Your bio should be well-written, engaging, and succinct, covering the basics like your band members, genre, and location, as well as any notable achievements, like awards or press coverage.
  2. Selling Points: Include some bullets that help you stand out as an entertainment act. Why choose your band over the other dozens potentially competing for your slot? Helping the talent buyer see that you understand why they need you is a good thing.
  3. Music: Naturally, your EPK should include samples of your music. You may want to include several tracks, as well as any music videos or live performance footage you have. Make sure that the audio quality is high, and that the tracks you choose are representative of your sound and style. Don’t forget to include meta-data with your tracks and downloads to WAV or MP3 formats for radio play!
  4. Your Performance Calendar: Don’t neglect sharing your calendar! It does two things: Shows you’re in demand and working, and also helps them understand if there’s an opportunity to schedule you based on your existing availability, removing one more question to ask!
  5. Photos: It’s important to include high-quality images of your band in your EPK. This can include press photos, live shots, and any other relevant images that help tell your story. Make sure that the images are high-resolution, and that they capture the energy and personality of your band.
  6. Press: If you’ve been featured in any press coverage, include links to the articles or reviews in your EPK. This can help establish credibility and give people a sense of how others are responding to your music.
  7. Social Media Profiles: Try to make it easy for people reviewing you for your content, your vibe and your community for a fit to their needs. Providing links to all your social media profiles makes it easy for anyone to check you out across all your platforms that you exist.
  8. Contact Info: Finally, make sure that your EPK includes clear contact information for your band, including your manager’s contact details if you have one. This will make it easy for people to get in touch with you and book you for gigs or interviews.

So you have an EPK. Nice. What next?

Once you’ve put together a strong EPK, you’ll want to get it into the hands of as many people as possible. You can start by creating a dedicated page for your EPK on your band’s website, and make sure to link to it from your social media profiles. You can also send it directly to venue bookers, radio DJs, and music bloggers, and consider paying for a service like Sonicbids, which allows you to submit your EPK to hundreds of music opportunities at once.

Just like when you’re hitting the street looking for a day job, getting your resume (your EPK) in as many interested hands as possible is important. The more active you are in distributing and promoting your EPK, the more likely you are to connect it with someone who will use it to hire your band.


To wrap, creating an electronic press kit can be a powerful way to promote your music and land more gigs and should be one of the first things you do when you’re ready to be seen/heard. By including a strong bio, high-quality music and images, press coverage, and contact information, you can create a compelling package that showcases the best of what your band has to offer. And by distributing it widely, you can get your music in front of more people and increase your chances of success.

Once you finish yours, why don’t you send it to bo*****@sp**************.com” data-type=”mailto” data-id=”mailto://bo*****@sp**************.com“>Spirits Music Hall and land a gig?

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