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“Who Else?” Shuts Em Up and Shuts Em Down with intense Hip Hop Single

Who Else? hip Hop Artst
Who Else?, Hip Hop Artist

meet Who Else? – He’s not new here

Brandon Conner, Better known as “Who Else?” is a hip hop artist hailing from Colorado whose name has been on the lips of many in the local music scene. He has played at many various venues throughout the state, but some of his standout performances have been at Spirits Music Hall, where he shared the stage with the likes of Eternal of Wu Tang Killa Beez, I in Team, Austin Toker, and The Sarge.

Who Else’s music has been described as a unique blend of raw lyricism and hard-hitting beats, which have earned him a growing following of fans who can’t get enough of his music. With each new release, he continues to cement his place as a rising star in the hip hop scene, and his latest single “Shut em Up, Shut em Down” has taken the scene by storm.

the ‘Death of Young Fait’

Brandon began his career under the stage name Young Fait and enjoyed moderate success as a hip hop artist under various managers. However, he made a controversial move by staging his own metaphorical “death” through social media posts indicating he had been “murdered”.

The controversy surrounding the staged murder of Young Fait by Who Else, aka Brandon Conner, shook the hip hop world to its core. Many fans and industry insiders were left scratching their heads, wondering what had prompted the rising star to pull such a bizarre stunt. The answer, as it turns out, was simple: Conner wanted to shed the baggage of his former persona and start anew.

Young Fait had enjoyed a moderately successful career, but Conner felt that he wasn’t getting the support he needed from those around him. He sensed that some of his so-called supporters were actually holding him back, hindering his progress and draining his energy. In order to shake off these negative influences, Conner decided to “kill off” Young Fait, staging the fake murder on social media and effectively wiping the slate clean.

The move was controversial, to say the least. Some fans were upset, feeling that Conner had betrayed them and disrespected the memory of Young Fait. Others were intrigued, seeing the move as a bold statement of artistic intent. But regardless of how people felt about the staged murder, it was clear that Conner was serious about starting over. He began performing under the name Who Else?, and set out to make a name for himself once again in the local Colorado hip hop scene and beyond.

an Anthem for the determined

The song “Shut Em Up, Shut Em Down” by Who Else? is an anthem of empowerment and overcoming adversity. The lyrics are a battle cry for anyone who has been told they couldn’t make it or had their dreams doubted by others. Who Else? wrote the song as a promise to those struggling with haters and doubters, to ignore the noise and shut em up, and shut em down.

The genesis of the song came from Who Else?’s own experiences with naysayers and leeches on his success during his time as Young Fait. The staged death of Young Fait allowed him to shed those negative influences and refocus on his craft with a renewed determination. “Shut Em Up, Shut Em Down” is a reflection of that new mindset. The heavy beats and powerful delivery add to the song’s energetic and motivating feel, making it the perfect track to get anyone pumped up to take on the world.

For fans of Who Else? and hip hop in general, “Shut Em Up, Shut Em Down” has become an anthem of hope and inspiration. It speaks to anyone who has ever faced obstacles on their journey to success and reminds them to stay focused on their goals, no matter what others may say. The song has become a rallying cry for those who refuse to be held back by negativity, and a testament to the power of self-belief and perseverance.

Beyond the studio

What many people don’t know is that Brandon’s journey didn’t just stop at creating “Who Else?” He also started New West Management with his wife; a company that offers other artists the guidance and management that he never received as a budding artist. Conner wanted to make sure that other artists didn’t have to go through the same struggles he did in his early career. They currently have several great artists under management, from hip hop to original rock bands.

Conner has a bright future ahead of him with a wealth of unreleased material yet to be unveiled. With a focus on perfecting his craft, he isn’t rushing the creative process and instead continues to mix the ingredients of success until he finds the perfect recipe for his next hit. While he works on this, he remains busy with his newly signed artists under his management company. However, Conner is determined to take his hit single “Shut Em Up, Shut Em Down” to new heights, setting his sights on achieving six-figure views and reaching a wider audience.

Brandon’s story is one of determination, evolution, and giving back. He’s shown that with hard work, a strong support system, and a willingness to take risks, anyone can achieve their dreams. “Shut Em Up, Shut Em Down” may be his biggest hit to date, but it’s only the beginning for this rising star.

Listen to Shut Em Up, Shut Em Down now:

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