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Introducing the New SpiritsMusicHall.com – A Better Way to Connect with Live Music

The New & Improved Website

Introducing our new website!

Spirits Music Hall, the premier live music venue in Johnstown, Colorado, has just launched a brand new website. The new site is designed to make it easier for fans of live music to discover the latest events and purchase tickets. The redesigned site, found at https://spiritsmusichall.com has a more modern look and feel and offers a streamlined user experience. With a focus on providing an intuitive interface, the new site provides fans of live music with easy access to all of the information they need.

Eventbrite Integration

One of the most significant changes to the website is the integration with Eventbrite, a popular ticketing platform that makes it easy for fans to purchase tickets to upcoming events. The integration allows fans to quickly and easily find and purchase tickets to their favorite shows. This feature will stay current with new events added to our Eventbrite profile in real-time, and is designed to make it easy for fans to stay up-to-date on upcoming events and purchase tickets to the shows they want to see. We feel that It’s important to ensure that access to events is easy and pain-free, and its an area that we recognize needed to be redone!

Streamlined user experience & Exciting New Features

Another significant feature of the new website is the improved functionality. The new site is faster and more responsive, making it easy for fans to browse upcoming events, buy tickets, and learn more about their favorite artists. The new site is also mobile-friendly, ensuring that fans can easily access the site from their smartphones or tablets. The redesigned homepage provides fans with quick access to upcoming events, photos, and videos without having to click through the website, saving you time!

We’ve also implemented a couple of new features we hope you will enjoy: a Newsletter, a Blog, and a Discussion Forum!

The Spirits Soundcheck: a newsletter just for you

This monthly newsletter focuses on news related to our venue, such as updates to the website, new offerings at the venue and the occasional discount! We also will be sharing tips of the trade and different relevant topics to performing in the entertainment industry. Lastly, each newsletter will also contain the next several weeks worth of events with links directly to the website where you can grab tickets!

The Blog

We are excited to bring to you the new blog for Spirits Music Hall. Not only does it bring life to our website, but it lets us use it as a way to connect with you directly and share our thoughts and updates with you in real time — not just once a month! Topics range from how to be a superfan, and support your favorite bands for free, to the relationship of small venues and entertainers who need them, and even how to get your first album recorded (that one’s not yet released), and what to expect and everything in between. We already have dozens of articles written and planned and are eager to share our topics with you!

The Discussion Forum

Think of a forum as a message board where you can post topics, messages, and share information such as new show announcements – even a buy/sell/trade board just to help entertainers stay geared up! The forum will continue to expand based on what you feel is needed, so please share your feedback! We want this to be YOUR place to go to kick back and chat with your fellow bandmates and fans – including some restricted zones!

We’re committed to being your Live Music Venue

With the launch of the new site, Spirits Music Hall is doubling down on its commitment to providing an exceptional experience for live music fans. The new site is the latest in a series of improvements to the venue, which has undergone extensive renovations in recent years. With a state-of-the-art sound system, a spacious dance floor, and a full bar, Spirits Music Hall is one of the premier live music venues in Colorado.

If you’re a fan of live music, the new website for Spirits Music Hall is a must-see. With its modern design, improved functionality, and easy ticketing integration, the site is the perfect place to discover the latest events and purchase tickets. Whether you’re a fan of rock, country, hip hop, or any other genre, Spirits Music Hall has something for you. Check out the new site today and discover why Spirits Music Hall is the go-to destination for live music in Johnstown, Colorado.

But don’t stop at the website – come see us!

The website is a tool to help you get your keisters into the venue and experience all the wonderful entertainment we bring to you on a daily basis. We’re super excited to connect with you virtually – but we really love to party with you in person! From one group of fans to another – we cant wait to have you!

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  1. Anne Jorgensen Avatar
    Anne Jorgensen

    Want to keep up to date on events

    1. Jon Sanchez

      Hi Renee! You can subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of every page! You can also check out the events page to check at any time.

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